To opt outlines and compliance for specific solicitation of your interest Pre-Order them choosing below available packages. We will develop customized outlines and other proposal tools, which includes a structured outlining procedure for developing a compelling technical approach, the creative portion of a federal proposal.

To expedite your request for any of the following packages, Pre-Buy it now. We guarantee the package will be customized on the specific RFP/Solicitation opted and delivered via email.

Advance Package

Customized Proposal Outlines

Standard Package

Basic Package




Compliance Matrix

Cross-Reference Matrix

Amendment Notice & Updates

*Solicitation Exclusivity 

Turnaround Time

One Business Day

One Business Day

One Business Day

*Amendment Notification & Updates  We will track, update and notify you on modifications or amendments for the purchased solicitation.

*Solicitation Exclusivity  Proposal package is developed exclusively for your company and will not be advertised on our website for other clients. 


** Fed-Support gives you the freedom to lock an opportunity with us in Forecast/Sources Sought/Pre-RFP/Draft RFP stage under Exlusivity.

Benefits of Fed-Support Outlines:


  • Use of tailored outlines saves you days of proposal writing time. You can focus on preparing a creative customer centric solution rather than fumbling through what should be the sections to begin writing and break an RFP into multiple assignments docs.


  • Each proposal becomes a sophistication of previous writing efforts, thus avoiding reinvention of the wheel each time. With an annotated outline you can develop a draft proposal in no time by inserting re-usable content from your preivously submitted response.


  • Reverse engineering (deconstruction) of the RFP results in proposal compliance and avoidance of proposal rejection for compliance reasons.


  • An outline tells subcontractors exactly what content you need for them. Generally extracting the content you need for your proposal from subcontractors is a lesson in patience.

Why Fed-Support!!

As your proposal team member, we help you get started with fully customizable proposal outlines, that not only helps you put your most professional foot forward, it also offers you loads of tips to make your response shine.

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