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Download current outlines & compliance for state & federal opportunities.

Sample outlines, compliance and cross-reference matrix:

Do you need someone to break down an opportunity and provide an outline of what content is needed for a response? Or do you need a third party to shepherd input from your subject matter experts into a coherent package?


Here we are to meet your goals, Fed-Support Proposal Outline tells you how to translate Sections L & M into a combined Compliance Matrix/Proposal Writing Outline by Writer and provides you with the templates and model text to win and save proposal writing costs.

Proposal Outlines

Every proposal outline has the specific format and content, depending on the requirements in solicitation or announcement. Hence letting you present your best approach in full compliance 



Proposal Add-On's

We provide different Add-On services to include Compliance Matrix (CM), Cross-Reference Matrix (CRM), Proposal Schedule, Proposal Checklist and Production Checklist. You can order these



Proposal Graphics

We provide different graphic solutions to meet your  business needs. We have distinguished all the possbile services our Team provides to include Proposal Graphics new/recreation



Other Services

This services category includes Proposal Package, which is comprised of Proposal Outlines, All Proposal Add-On's and Amendments Update. We also provide Section 508 Services



Why Fed-Support!!

As your proposal team member, we help you get started with fully customizable proposal outlines, that not only helps you put your most professional foot forward, it also offers you loads of tips to make your response shine.

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