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Delivering Premium Services at Competitive Rates

At Fed-Support, we take pride in offering high-quality services at a fixed and unparalleled price point. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of both federal and state proposals, ensuring compliance with the most stringent requirements. Say goodbye to the uncertainties surrounding proposal development costs. With our transparent pricing structure, we offer flat rates that help you reduce expenses without sacrificing quality. With our uniquely tailored services, we help streamline your proposal preparation process and improve your chances of success.

Our services are allowing our Clientele to produce more Proposals in less time at a HUGE savings. They are using these easy to fill-in Proposal Outlines and Add-Ons, instead of paying up to $20,000 per submission at the HIGH-PRICED Proposal Development Companies. They are also using Fed-Support's Add-Ons as an Excellent Quality Control Measure, making sure that their Proposal Teams are submitting COMPLIANT submissions.

Fed-Support ® employs 15+ Shipley-Trained Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working around the clock (24/7) developing your “Winning” Proposal Outlines. When used by the contractor they immediately begin saving in between 50%-75% of their Total Proposal Time/Cost – $1000’s annually, if not millions, depending on the Clients Annual Budget & Proposals (we take care of the difficult/time-consuming part for you).


Our Award-Winning, “On-Demand”, Custom-designed Proposal Service is the only GUARANTEED Compliant Service that provides a Fast, Simple, Reuse Proposal Content, Fill-in-the-Blank, Winning Proposal Outline and Add-Ons. Our Clientele’s submittals are faster, their success-rate is higher and as with many of our Clients, you might have your very first AWARD using Fed-Support services.

Proposal Outline, proposal template, custom outline, business template

Proposal Outlines

Every proposal outline has the specific format and content, depending on the requirements in solicitation or announcement. Hence letting you present your best approach in full compliance 



Proposal Addon

Proposal Add-On's

We provide different Add-On services to include Compliance Matrix (CM), Cross-Reference Matrix (CRM), Proposal Schedule, Proposal Checklist and Production Checklist and more.



Proposal Graphics, proposal cover, proposal design, propoal theme, business cover, cover sheet

Proposal Graphics

We provide different graphic solutions to meet your  business needs. We have distinguished all the possible services our Team provides to include Proposal Graphics new/recreation



section 508 compliance, advance packag, standard package, basic package, proposal editing, proposal management, proposal development

Other Services

This services category includes Proposal Package, which is comprised of Proposal Outlines, All Proposal Add-On's and Amendments Update. We also provide Section 508 Services



Additionally, we help many of our Prime Contractor Proposals Teams improve their Quality and Save them both Time & Money by providing:

  • Quality Control: Our Clients use our Compliant Proposal Outlines and Add-Ons as an Excellent Quality Control Measure, making certain that their Proposal Teams are submitting Compliant submissions. Each of our Proposal Outline come with a Matrix, so their Proposal’s Team will never again miss a critical submittal requirement again.

  • Formatting: Our Proposal EXPERTS consult with each customer to understand their needs and preferences, so they can focus on pricing & their unique Solution to the Client. We create Customizable Proposal Outlines in MS Word, apply styles, and reformat text to create professionally polished materials per the Solicitation requirements for Compliancy. Additionally the document formatting is based on the following:

  • Consistency: We review your documents to ensure that all fonts, margins, indentations, breaks, columns, headers, footers, orientation, number figures, tables with correct cross-referencing throughout, page numbering and other formatting elements are used consistently based on the solicitation instructions.

  • Style: One of the most important elements of formatting is style. We’ll apply our extensive knowledge of document formatting to match the Client’s other Marketing Materials.

  • Branding: We carefully select fonts, colors, & style with company logo, cover page, headers, borders and fills per the Solicitation requirements & the Clients Marketing Materials.

  • What You Receive: A Compliant consistently styled Proposal Outline delivered in fully editable MS Word format.


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