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Proposal Production Checklist (Sample)

Proposal Production Checklist will serve to guide your Proposal Coordinators and Proposal Manager on your vision of the final product, as well as guide you on production day to ensure you’ve done everything you need to do. The Proposal Production Checklist is like a compliance matrix for your production day—it’s easy to forget in the moment that the CEO must sign the SF1449, are the margins consistent or that the labels on the box must show the solicitation number etc. Using a comprehensive checklist, customized for every solicitation, ensures you’ll meet all requirements.


Fed-Support recommends to begin using the Proposal Production Checklist from day one. Going through this checklist is worth the time, since it will help you make sure to follow all instructions, eliminate blatant errors, include all mandatory materials, and more.

You'll receive a fully customized and editable Proposal Production Checklist in MS Word format based on the specific solicitation of your interest.

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