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Review files 

Confirm receipt of all input materials, including text, images, styling requests and branding.

Compile document 

Combine files and collate any other material to create a single source file to work from.

Prepare text 

Remove unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections to clean the text for formatting..

Page setup 

Set margins, breaks, columns, headers, footers, orientation and page numbering.

Text formatting 

Style headings, lists and numbering. Apply title casing, refs, term & def, footnotes.


Select fonts, colors, and style with company logo, front cover, borders, lines and fills.

Headers & footers 

Create and style document title, section, company, page numbers and date as required.

Navigation & structure 

Mark-up parts, sections, headings and numbering schemes to determine document structure.

Tables styling 

Create a consistent set of table styles to clearly present all different forms of data.

Image placement 

Size, crop, straighten, rotate, reshape or wrap images to work best with the text on each page.


Number each figure, table, chart or diagram with the correct label and cross-reference.


Create a consistently styled set of references that link to numbered instances on each page.

Table of contents 

Generate and style the table of contents, list of figures and list of tables with page numbers as needed.

Extra design 

Price upon request. Cover design, diagram creation, spreadsheets, image work.


Single set of free styling and formatting changes included as standard.

Shredded & Customized Proposal Outlines for GWACs, IDIQs & Multi-Award RFPs

Instantly download fully shredded, customized, and compliant proposal outlines for all listed Draft QWACs, IDIQs, and Multi Award solicitations. These outlines are developed specifically according to section L, M, and SOW, as well as submission requirements of each particular solicitation, thereby saving you time and eliminating any non-compliance concerns.


Upon successful payment, you will have prompt access to your preferred Proposal Outlines, allowing you to begin your preparation with confidence. Don't delay; take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your proposal preparation and maximize your chances of success.

Do you need someone to break down an opportunity and provide an outline of what content is needed for a response? Or do you need a third party to shepherd input from your subject matter experts into a coherent package?


Here we are to meet your goals, Fed-Support Proposal Outline tells you how to translate Sections L, M & PWS into a combined Compliance Matrix/Proposal Writing Outline by Writer and provides you with the templates and model text to win and save proposal writing costs.















Fed-Support solutions are designed to write a good proposal. A good proposal is required in all business sectors because without good and convincing proposal you cannot accomplish your goals. Business proposals are usually written to get your required favor from someone else.


Good proposals require calculated and precise data for its success that largely depends on the presentation of proposal to concerned authorities. Fed-Support can be very helpful Team Member to understand the important parts of standard proposals. Your chances of success can reduce dangerously in case of any kind of missing information. In order to help you, we develop tailored outlines for different requirements.


These outlines are precisely crafted as per Section L, M and SOW instructions of solicitation. Proposal outlines provided here are created by professional persons who have the exact knowledge to develop a convincing and compelling proposal. Every proposal outline is prepared according to the solicitation instructions and requirements and will surely cater your all needs.


You are just one click away from high quality annotated proposal outlines. Proposal outlines are sorted based on their title and solicitation number so that you can easily search your required proposal outlines. You can also use the search box (available of home page) to search your required outline. Keep it in mind that these proposal outlines are fully annotated for specific federal or state opportunity, and therefore proven to be the best in the industry for our outstanding solutions. All templates are user-friendly because these are developed in MS Word and are fully customizable.

The process is simple

1. Select desired Pre-Buy Graphic Package

2. Uploaded your concept design

3. We'll prepare and share the graphic via email

4. Review and submit to the end customer


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508 Compliance Check Service


We can help you achieve full compliance. Our compliance testing process includes the following steps:


  • An initial evaluation of your product

  • Composing a project plan

  • A thorough compliance testing of your product

  • A detailed report describing how to bring the product to Section 508 compliance

  • Implementing the necessary changes

  • A re-evaluation of your product and further work as needed until it is in full compliance


Your detailed Section 508 compliance report includes:


  • A list of elements of your product which does not comply with Section 508

  • The specification of the Section 508 violation

  • A description of the violation

  • One or more recommendations to solve the problem

  • And of course, an accessibility consultant who is available on the phone or personally to discuss any questions you have.




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