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2.1.1 The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC or the "Agency") is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure a Contractor to provide project management and consulting services in facilitating multi-vendor projects using the Maryland Medical Care Database (MCDB), (i.e., the State’s all payor claims database). The Contractor will provide project management and contractor oversight to ensure that all projects stay on schedule; desired outcomes are achieved; obstacles and solutions are quickly identified; progress is reported in a timely manner, and project status meetings occur regularly.

2.1.2 All goods and services will be provided under issued Work Orders. Work Orders may be issued at any time during the term of the contract to which they may overlap depending on the Agency’s priorities.

2.1.3 It is the State’s intention to obtain goods and services, as specified in this RFP, from a Contract between the selected Offeror and the State.

2.1.4 The Agency intends to make a single award as a result of this RFP. See RFP Section 4.9 Award Basis for more Contract award information.

2.1.5 An Offeror, either directly or through its subcontractor(s), must be able to provide all goods and services and meet all of the requirements requested in this solicitation. The successful Offeror (the Contractor) shall remain responsible for Contract performance regardless of subcontractor participation in the work.

2.1.6 A Contract award does not ensure a Contractor will receive all or any State business under the Contract.

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