Graphic Design Services 

If you need it, we can create it! Our graphic design team consults with you to understand your message, style, and overall mission to develop visual content that represents you. Our extensive graphic design portfolio includes the following:


  • Custom PowerPoint templates and backgrounds


  • Proposal cover pages 


  • Logos


  • Brochures and other marketing materials


  • Website graphics


Find out how Fed-Support can address your graphic design needs!

The process is simple

1. Send us your instructions

2. We issue a quote for you to accept

3. We return your graphics for review

4. You complete payment when happy



Using vector shapes, colors and outlines, infographics are the perfect way to display data and convey information in a visually attractive way. Reinforce your message with an illuminating graphic that your readers will not forget.


Simply put, charts and diagrams must look sharp and be styled as a perfectly matching set. Our designers ensure that the general styling, shapes, color schemes, text size, axis labels and legends all work together.


Our designers create diagrams as vector drawings so that they are inherently crisp and precise at any size. If your book contains multiple diagrams they will be consistently styled throughout and perfectly aligned so the information portrayed is refreshingly clear.





Why Fed-Support!!

As your proposal team member, we help you get started with fully customizable proposal outlines, that not only helps you put your most professional foot forward, it also offers you loads of tips to make your response shine.

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