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Compliance Matrix (CM) - SAMPLE

Compliance matrix or compliance traceability matrix is a valuable tool used in proposal development. The first column of the matrix is the heading for the proposal. Each section of the solicitation (L, M & SOW) also gets a column. Each row in the matrix links each proposal section with one or more solicitation requirements, these requirements are entered into the matrix cells as full text.


It assists proposal managers by helping them ensure the proposal is written in compliance with the solicitation requirements. After the proposal is complete, it becomes a proofing tool.


The matrix is used to double check that every solicitation requirement finds its way into the proposal because developing a compliant proposal is the critical first step towards winning the bid. After the proposal is complete, it becomes a proofing tool.

Cross-Reference Matrix (CRM) - SAMPLE

This matrix is a tool which helps ensure all the instructions to offerors, evaluation criteria and proposal submittal requirements identified in the solicitation have been responded to. Fed-Support fills out the Cross-Reference Matrix indicating where in the proposal the information can be found.


A Cross-Reference Matrix tells the proposal evaluators where they can find responses to specific solicitation requirements. It helps ensure proposal managers that the proposal responds to and complies with all the Proposal requirements. A Cross-Reference Matrix should form part of the Technical Proposal volume and is normally requested in solicitations. It serves three (3) purposes:


  • It shows you what requirements must be addressed in a given section.

  • It enables you to validate that all requirements have been responded to.

  • It makes it easier for you (and potentially your customer) to understand the solicitation and how to navigate your response to it.

The matrix is developed at the very beginning of proposal writing and list all the requirements contained in the Proposal Outline for each volume. The Compliance Matrix includes the elements for both the solicitation and the proposal response.

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