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The purpose of this RFQ is to find an organization able to assist and oversee the creation, publications, and review of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to rebuild the Charter Township of Ypsilanti’s public Website.


  • Assist the Township in the discovery of services the Township can provide through its public Website.
  • Assist the Township in defining and prioritizes the services a new Website should provide to its users.
  • Assist the Township in the development of design specification to be used in a formal RFP for a rebuild of the Township’s Website
  • Assist the Township in the development of “Content Creation and Posting Guideless” for Township staff.
  • Assist the Township in the promotion of its published RFP to increase the number of qualified responses.
  • Assist the Township in the review of qualified responses to the RFP.
  • Work with various Township departments to ensure each departments needs are heard and evaluated.

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