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Bid Posting Link: http://www.charlottesville.org/PURCHASING

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals to establish fixed pricing term contracts through competitive negotiation for temporary personnel services for the City of Charlottesville.

The contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations applicable to the provision and performance by the contractor of the work and services that are the subject of the contract.

Contractor(s) shall provide temporary personnel as required for the below job classifications. Temporary employment may be needed at various City of Charlottesville Departments located throughout the City government. In addition, the City of Charlottesville has included a cooperative procurement clause in this proposal. If the successful Contractor(s) is in agreement, any contract resulting from this proposal may be extended to other public bodies for use in filing their temporary staffing needs. Therefore, temporary employment services may be needed at various locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Contractor(s) shall respond with detailed descriptions of the skills and services which can be provided; including clerical, technical and professional classifications. The City of Charlottesville anticipates it will most commonly require temporary employees, including but not limited to, the below job classifications:

• Administrative Secretary

• Administrative Assistant I

• Customer Service Representative

• Maintenance Worker II

• Project Assistant

• Project Manager

The full descriptions of these job classifications are included as Attachment H. The specific job tasks for each position shall be specified when the request for the employee is made. The City of Charlottesville reserves the right to modify these requirements as/when needed.

Temporary employees provided shall be employed by the Contractor(s), not the City of Charlottesville. The Contractor(s) are responsible for all payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation, insurance, payroll reports and other Federal, State and local requirements for temporary personnel.

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