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(1) The purpose of this announcement is to (1) provide the SIR for the subject requirement. The FAA intends to award multiple contracts to a mixture of small and large businesses under this screening information request (SIR) as a follow-on to FAA’s En Route Technical Assistance Support Services (ETASS) contracts. This action is required due to the expiration of the ETASS contracts on January 31, 2021.

The ETASS vehicle has three incumbent contractors who support the ATO through one hundred and twenty active task orders. A primary objective of the Program Support Services (PSS) procurement is to streamline the ordering process and reduce the number of task orders. The Government intends to provide Task Orders to fund this IDIQ contract, the Program Office will then issue Work Orders (WO) against those funded Task Orders.

The period of performance for this contract is seven years (or 84 months); a three-year base Options (36 months) and two 2-year Option year periods. Each Option year period represents 24 months.

1. Incumbent Contractor(s):

There are three prime contractors providing support services under the ETASS contract: Oasis Systems, LLC, contract number DTFAWA-12-D-00011; General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc., contract number DTFAWA-12-D-00012 and Science Applications International Corp., contract number DTFAWA-12-D-00013. These prime contractors provide functional area support across the PMO directories.

PSS is a follow-on to EnRoute Technical Assistance Support Services (ETASS) and will support operations in the Program Management Organization (PMO) of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO). The professional and technical support services acquired under this contract will assist in achieving agency strategic goals by providing mission critical support to the following PMO Directorates:

Program Control and Integration (AJM-1): Directorate’s focus areas include program control, cross- cutting analysis and integration, and special initiatives. Additionally, AJM-1 strengthens the relationships of Mission Support Services, Aviation Safety, and the NextGen organizations among other programs to ensure value for the operation and promised NextGen benefits for airspace users.

Air Traffic Systems Directorate (AJM-2): is responsible for developing, deploying and operating systems that deliver services to all segments of the NAS, including systems that support decision- making for traffic flow managers and systems that provide services directly to pilots for improved safety and efficiency.

Enterprise Services Directorate (AJM-3): develops, acquires, deploys, maintains, sustains, and improves navigation, communications, weather, and aeronautical information products and services for the NAS.

Surveillance Services Directorate (AJM-4): focuses on the surveillance systems that provide the complete picture for operations taking place in the National Airspace. These systems range from traditional ground based radar to more advanced GPS based positioning systems.

The PSS vehicle will also support other ATO Lines of Business (LOBs) by providing knowledgeable resources to support the FAA objectives of safe, secure, efficient, responsive air transportation system to the nation and global aviation community.

PSS will replace an expiring ETASS contract that provides support services through distinct functional areas. The core functional service areas required under the PSS scope of work include the following Functional Areas of Support:

-Systems Engineering Support

-Software Engineering Support

-Hardware Engineering Support

-Human Factors Engineering Support

-Information Systems Security Support

-Safety Management Support

-Strategic Planning Support

Program Management Support

-Configuration Management Support

Business, Financial, and Acquisition Management Support

-Administrative Management Support

-Training Assistance Support

-Testing Support Logistics Support

-Implementation Support

-Facilities Support

-Operational Support

-Performance Data Management/Performance Analysis

-Meteorological Support

-Communications Support

These functional areas may be grouped to support a range of technical, operational, management and administration task found in PMO’s portfolio of programs.

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