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DCMA Columbus, a part of DCMA-IT, operates as a center for application support, testing, development, sustainment, and deployment for DCMA-unique systems. DCMA Columbus operates in cooperation with DISA and DFAS to support contract administration systems, financial systems, and related interfaces through lifecycle and operational support. DCMA places high priority on ensuring that applications meet Agency requirements, are stable, reliable, and secure.

This requirement is funded with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) appropriations. The requirement is for sustainment of the existing systems only and developing or testing new capabilities is not within the scope.

Specific systems supported include:

 Mechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS). MOCAS is an automated, integrated contract administration and entitlement system, jointly owned by DCMA and DFAS, providing contract administration, management, entitlement and disbursement of complex contracts. MOCAS consist of both online and batch system processing and is programmed in COBOL, MANTIS, JCL and Assembler mainframe languages to accommodate demand for electronic commerce and data interchange. MOCAS currently processes over $220 billion per year in contract invoice payments, with a volume of over a million invoices.

Shared Data Warehouse (SDW). SDW provides a single view of MOCAS contract data via On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP). SDW receives real time, 24x7 contract transactions from the MOCAS system through a Customer Information Control System (CICS) transaction server and the IBM MQ point- to-point transfer process to the Oracle RDBMS and Application server. Customers interface, extract or query contract data by using tools such as Cognos Impromptu, Informatica, Web Reports, and via database links. SDW serves as the feeder system for the DCMA ETOOLS application, servicing over 500,000 data requests each month and supporting numerous daily interfaces. The systems are hosted on Linux at the DISA Ogden Operations Center.

The contractor is to monitor and control processes; maintain coding standards; achieve high capability; and prevent rather than inspect for nonconformities. The contractor is required to maintain the production SDW system and associated applications 24x7. The Contractor shall maintain, operate, and administer databases, database and application server operating system parameters, mainframe data exchanges, customer interfaces, and data bridges for SDW. On occasion, the Contractor will be required to perform as part of a team that will include other Contractors as well as Government employees in established and maintained pre-production and production environments. The support will be provided for SDW, MOCAS, and the SDW MOCAS Data Sharing Initiative (MDSI).

For SDW, the Contractor shall accomplish a variety of complex Oracle database and Informatica Extract, Translate, and Load functions. The Contractor shall also provide systems development; sustainment for Oracle Application Server Web Services, IBM WebSphere MQ, Linux virtual environment (VMware) coding; scripting and administration; Oracle client-server configuration; Mainframe Cobol and JCL: and Linux C language programming within Linux environments.

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