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1.3.1 DoDEA’s procurement intent is a Software as a Service (SaaS) SIS to maintain, support, and enable intuitive use and comprehensive privacy security of students’ educational past, current, and future records. A system that will enable school faculty and staff the ability to perform operational and administrative functions throughout DoDEA organizational hierarchy business operations from the classroom to the Director. In supporting all aspects of each student’s education and school operations, the SIS must:

  • Allow parents/sponsors and student access to user interface portals for educational, health, attendance, student performance, communications, and classroom to school to district information links/portals.
  • A SIS must provide intuitive, user-friendly, applications to administer and perform learning and administration activities and tasks.
  • Provides interface with data repositories and third-party applications/systems to enhance and provide the latest in modern student information system capabilities.
  • Provide transparent, efficient, personalized, and secure accessibility for operational and functional capabilities to the six different levels of functional users: school, complex/installation, community, district, region, and headquarters. Reference graphic of organizational structure below.

1.3.2 DoDEA requires data migration services to associate current system to a new solution. Provide migration of, at a minimum, 500 gigabytes of data and associated tables. Provide a data dictionary to map interfaces and plan to support validation of data migration accuracy of 99.7% to a new system.

1.3.3 DoDEA requires the Contractor to provide and execute an Implementation Plan of events, activities, and processes from current to new system. To include, but not limited to: migration, training, data validation, system updates, configuration approach for approval by government contracting authority or designee. See Section 2.4, “Government Implementation Timeline”

1.3.4 DoDEA requires a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the vendor to include specifics of services provided in order to ensure continuity of services and conditions of service availability. The SLA shall provide description of services such as, but not limited to: timeliness of services, roles and responsibilities of each supporting capability, explanation of procedural escalation processes, cost of service tradeoffs, and management elements for reporting, dispute resolution (e.g., risk mitigation), service level breach notifications, and upkeep of SLA relevancy throughout contract period of performance. Additional discussions are expected to ensure accommodations and capabilities are manageable and consistent with industry capabilities. This system is essential for DoDEA operations so functionality of the system is of high importance. Minimum functional performance of services are:

  • Global system availability 99.5%.
  • System problem response times for unavailability (regardless of global origination) must be acknowledged within 15 minutes and resolved within one hour. System degradation must be acknowledged within 30 minutes, resolved within two hours. System issues may be reported from any region by DoDEA SIS personnel 24 hours a day – 6 days a week (Sun – Friday).
  • Change response must be acknowledge within 24 hours and solution provided within three business days. Implementation of solution must be based upon agreed upon timeframe.
  • The contractor shall provide industry-standard technical support via telephone, ticketing system or email within one business day or less from the initial contact to include, but not limited to: providing assistance with service problems, product setup, upgrades, and troubleshooting throughout the life of the contract.

1.3.5 DoDEA expects to make one award for a 12-month base year with nine, 12-month option years to follow.

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