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City of San Antonio (CoSA) is seeking an experienced and qualified Security Contractor to provide armed and unarmed security officers at various CoSA facilities. Respondent shall provide the following services including, but not limited to, providing security services for buildings, facilities, grounds, and rights-of-way for employees and visitors, customers and vendors, emergency response, access control, technology control station monitoring, mobile patrol, and other related security services. A complete description of the scope of services appears in Section 004.

Respondent must meet the following requirements in order to submit a proposal. Respondent’s Proposal will be deemed non-responsive to the extent that it does not meet the requirements.

1. Respondent shall be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety to operate as a security services contractor (a Company License as defined by Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1702, the Private Security Act) as a security services contractor;

2. Respondent shall be an established firm that has at least five years of experience in providing guard services;

3. Respondent shall have provided this type of services within the past three years;

4. Respondent shall have experience providing guard services with at least 7,000 hours per week for a minimum of three pre-existing contracts;

5. Respondent shall provide licensed Security Officers. Each Commissioned Security Officer must have a current Level 3 certification with the state, and each Non-Commissioned Security Officers must have a Level 2 certification with the state; and

6. Respondent must provide, within 24 hours of an emergency request by CoSA, additional officers equal to 10% of its total complement of regular staff at any or all of CoSA's facilities serviced.

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